Mmtn – – Museos Marítimos, Náuticos y Navales / Historia Náutica y Naval

Mmtnusma – Battleship Cove – Maritime Museum – Fall River, Massachusetts

Por |julio 14th, 2022|


The Maritime Museum

was founded in 1968

as a historical

and nautical museum

representing such items

as the famous Fall River Line

and RMS Titanic. […]

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Mmt – Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel – Glasgow

Por |julio 14th, 2022|


Riverside Museum

is the first purpose-built museum

created by Glasgow Life in the 21st century.

Located at the junction of the Rivers Kelvin and Clyde,

it houses the city’s fabulous transport and technology collections,

which have been gathered over the centuries

and which reflect the important part Glasgow

has played in the world

through its contributions to heavy industries like

shipbuilding, train manufacturing and engineering.

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Mmtn – Blekinge Museum – Gribshunden

Por |abril 12th, 2022|



(The Griffin-Hound),

sunk in 1495,

is possibly the best preserved

15th century warship in the world.

Probably built in the Netherlands

with timber from France,

used by the Danish king on travels

to England, Norway and Sweden,

it is truly an international shipwreck.

Since it is carvel built,

it can also give important clues

to the ship building techniques

used by the great explorers,

Columbus and Vasco da Gama

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El viajero incidental – El Museo de Falúas de Aranjuez

Por |abril 13th, 2021|


Cuando visité Aranjuez,

hace ya tiempo,

me llevé tres sorpresas. […]

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Mmtn – Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Por |noviembre 9th, 2020|


Das Internationale Maritime Museum Hamburg

erzählt von Entdeckern und Eroberern,

von Kapitänen und Seeleuten

und bietet eine Expedition

durch 3.000 Jahre Menschheitsgeschichte.

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Museumhaven Gouda

Por |agosto 6th, 2020|


In de Museumhaven Gouda

vindt u een prachtige collectie

monumentale bedrijfsvaartuigen

die het beeld op het water

begin 1900 bepaalden.

Het doel van het museum

is het behouden

van oudhollandse scheepstypen

en de havensfeer

in het Goudse stadsbeeld.

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Mmt – National Museum of Transportation

Por |mayo 6th, 2020|


The Museum’s

rail and transit collections

have grown to encompass

more than 190 major exhibits.

Our collection is recognized

as the largest collection

of transportation vehicles

in the world.

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Mmtn – Maine Maritime Museum

Por |mayo 4th, 2020|


1962 – Seven residents of Bath, Maine,

formed the Marine Research Society of Bath,

which did business for years

as the Bath Marine Museum.

1975 – The name was changed

to Maine Maritime Museum.

1975The Percy & Small Shipyard

was donated

by Mr. and Mrs. L. M. C. Smith.

1981 – Mrs. Smith also donated

the adjoining Donnell House,

a shipyard owner’s

Victorian-era residence.

The P&S Shipyard

is the only intact shipyard site

in the United States

that built large wooden sailing vessels.

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Royal Museums – Greenwich

Por |junio 22nd, 2019|

Royal Museums – Greenwich

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Greenwich

is one of the most historically rich areas of London

and you can arrive by riverboat

or it is just 8 minutes

from London Bridge by train.


National Maritime Museum […]

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Mmtn – Titanic Belfast

Por |marzo 26th, 2018|


Titanic Belfast®

is the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction,

extending over nine interpretive and interactive galleries

– the Titanic Experience, which explores

the sights, sounds, smells and stories of RMS Titanic,

as well as the city and people who made her. […]

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