Tn – Veleros – Tall Ships

Tnn – F. Laeisz – Flying P-Liner

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We would like to invite you to surf through the company’s history

keeping in mind that foresight, steadfastness and a willingness to take risks

were the fundamental virtues which carried this shipping company

through the continuous ups and downs of peaks and slumps as well as through wars,

periods when the dollar was weak and times when freight rates took a nosedive.

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The Tall Ships Races – Harlingen – 2018

Por |julio 11th, 2018|


In the summer of 2018, Harlingen will once again receive the world’s most beautiful Tall Ships with their international crew and interns.

The Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2018 is expected to be a huge happening that is made possible by many volunteers and sponsors.

The ships enter Harlingen on the 3rd August 2018 after the Sail In Parade once they have crossed the finish above Vlieland and Terschelling.

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Tnb – Juan Sebastián de Elcano (A-71) – Buque Escuela

Por |julio 29th, 2017|


La misión primordial

del Buque Escuela

«Juan Sebastián de Elcano»

es la de mantener a los Guardias Marinas

cursando el cuarto Curso de su carrera

en la Escuela Naval Militar […]

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Nova Scotia Archives – Brigs and Barques

Por |julio 25th, 2017|


Images and Artworks

from the Age of Sail


Brigs and barques,



full-rigged vessels […]

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Tnb – Thalassa – Tallship – Barkentijn

Por |febrero 27th, 2017|

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Tnb – Christian Radich – Buque escuela

Por |febrero 1st, 2017|

Christian Radichs

historie begynner lenge før skuta ble bygget i 1937.

I 1878 var Norge verdens tredje største sjøfartsnasjon.

Europa med Norge inkludert merket mer og mer virkningene

av industrialiseringen utover på 1800-tallet og handel og skipsfart økte.

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Tn – Stichting SAIL Amsterdam

Por |enero 17th, 2017|


Zet koers naar

SAIL Amsterdam 2020

en beleef deze reis met ons.

We verheugen ons

op dit unieke evenement

dat al sinds 1975 historie,

heden en toekomst verbindt.




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Tnb – Stad Amsterdam – Clipper

Por |enero 16th, 2017|


The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a vessel with a story.

It all started during the SAIL Amsterdam 1995 event,

when five municipal councillors were travelling by barge

from the VOC-ship Amsterdam to the mayor’s official residence.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” one of them said,

“to build another of those great sailing ships from the past,

as a symbol of the commercial spirit of the city of Amsterdam?”

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Tnb – ARM Cuauhtémoc – BE-01

Por |agosto 12th, 2016|


El Buque Escuela Cuauhtémoc fue construido en los Astilleros Celaya, en Bilbao, España a partir del 24 de julio de 1981, fecha en que se colocó la quilla en gradas.

El 29 de julio de 1982, se entregó a su primera dotación.

Esta nave fue adquirida por la Armada de México para solucionar la carencia de una unidad destinada exclusivamente a la instrucción de Capitanes, Oficiales, Cadetes, y elementos de Clases y Marinería.

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Tn – Gran Regata – Cádiz 2016

Por |julio 30th, 2016|

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