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Tnb – Draken Harald Hårfagre – Drakkar

Por |mayo 22nd, 2021|


With great interest

for sailing, boatbuilding and vikings

the project to build and sail

the greatest viking ship of modern times

started. The curator of the project, Sigurd Aase,

wanted this extraordinary ship to follow in the wake

of one of the most challenging viking explorations

– the Viking discovery of the New World.

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Tnb – Cap Finistère – Ferry

Por |enero 10th, 2021|




Brittany Ferries […]

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Tnb – Kalmar Nyckel

Por |mayo 20th, 2020|


Tall Ship Time Machine Exhibit ~ Now Open!

Kalmar Nyckel’s Copeland Maritime Center,

1124 East 7th Street, Wilmington, DE 19801


Discover the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation’s

new 3D animated exhibit

and take a fantastical voyage back in time to 1638

to compare today’s KALMAR NYCKEL

to the original colonial ship. […]

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Tnb – Jonge Rein – Skûtsje

Por |abril 9th, 2020|


Welkom op de vernieuwde website

van het Wytgaardster skûtsje ‘Jonge Rein’

Gebouwd in 1907, vaart sinds 2007 mee in de

Iepen Fryske Kampioenskippen Skûtsjesilen (IFKS).

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Tnb – STS Pogoria – Bergantín-goleta

Por |mayo 24th, 2019|


The Sail Training Association Poland – STAP

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Tnb – Avatar – Schooner

Por |noviembre 13th, 2018|


The Avatar was built in 1941 in Wolgast, Germany, as a KFK Kotter under number 401. KFK Kotters were small naval vessels, built for speed, but looking like fishing boats to mislead the enemy. The ships were built on steel beams with a wooden hull which made them less vulnerable to magnetic mines.

When the war ended the ship was brought to Spaarndam in the Netherlands where in 1957 the original wooden hull was replaced by a steel one. From then on she sailed the North Sea as a fishing boat and built a reputation for being a very fast, seaworthy vessel. Later on she sailed under the name Grietje Maria (IJMUIDEN 64) until the fishing fleet was reduced. After that the Grietje Maria was used for sport fishing for several years until she was sold in 1998 with the intention of turning her into a charter vessel. This never materialized and in 2010 André Hanzens bought the ship to rebuild her as a topsail schooner.

What was once a kotter has today been turned into a beautiful schooner. Like Twister, the Avatar is completely refurbished as a luxury sailing ship with the charm and elegance of a yacht.

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Tnb – Oceanic – Remolcador de altura – Bugsier

Por |julio 26th, 2018|


Built, 1969.

Modified, 1975.

Re-Engined, 1985.

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Tnb – Santa Maria Manuela – Lugre

Por |junio 27th, 2018|


O bota-abaixo

10 de Maio de 1937

Lisboa vivia um dia especial.

Na Rocha do Conde de Óbidos,

em Alcântara,

centenas de pessoas amontoavam-se

para assistir ao lançamento à água

de dois navios acabados de construir:

O Santa Maria Manuela e o Creoula.


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Tnb – Merrie Ellen – Schooner

Por |abril 8th, 2018|


The 107 foot gaff schooner Merrie Ellen

was built in Vancouver British Columbia in 1922.

The vintage wooden schooner

has just undergone a complete refit

in Port Townsend Wa.

Our historic sailing schooner has accommodation

for one to three couples in private queen bed staterooms

that each have a private bathroom.  […]

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Tnb – Sant Isidre – Llaüt de mitjana

Por |marzo 19th, 2018|


El Sant Isidre va ser construït el 1925

amb la fi de ser destinat a la pesca.

Tot i això, va arribar a estar al servei de

l’Armada de la II República espanyola

i, fins i tot, va acompanyar

l’organització Greenpeace

en les seves tasques oceanogràfiques. […]

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