Tn – Royal Barges

Tn – The Queen’s Watermen

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Until the middle of the nineteenth century the Sovereign regularly travelled on the river Thames, either on State occasions or between the Royal Palaces of Windsor, Westminster, Hampton Court, Greenwich and the Tower of London.

The men who rowed the Royal Barges up and down the river Thames were known as Royal Watermen. The Sovereign today still retains 24 Royal Watermen under the command of The Queen’s Bargemaster, thereby continuing one of the most ancient appointments in the Royal Household. The original number of 48 was halved by King Edward VII.

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Tn -uk- William Kent – Royal Barge

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William Kent (1684-1748)

Royal Barge  1731-32

Gilt wood and iron

19.2 m long

RCIN 69797

National Maritime Museum





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Tnb – Gloriana – The Queen’s Rowbarge

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is the first Royal barge built for over 250 years. However, her design and build used structures and techniques that have changed little since the clinker built (with the planks overlapping) long-boats of the Viking age and carries on a centuries-old tradition of Royal rowbarges on the Thames. Its similarity to the vessels in the famous Canaletto painting The River Thames with St. Paul’s Cathedral on Lord Mayor’s Day is immediately apparent. With an overall length of ninety-two feet Gloriana is bigger than her predecessors, which were typically between sixty and seventy-five feet. However, like them she carries eighteen oarsmen.

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Tnb – Vasaorden – Kungaslupen

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Foto:  Sinnu Ko


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