Tn – Yates de Estado

Tnb – Norge – Yate de Estado

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Tnb – Britannia – Yate – Royal Yacht

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was the first Royal Yacht

to be built with

complete ocean-going capacity

and designed as a Royal residence

to entertain guests around the world.

When she was decommissioned in 1997,

it marked the end of a long tradition

of British Royal Yachts,

dating back to 1660

and the reign of Charles II.

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Tnb – Norge – Yate

Por |enero 23rd, 2016|


The Royal Yacht Norge

was a gift from the people of Norway

to King Haakon VII in 1947,

purchased in the wake a nationwide collection effort.

The ship is owned by His Majesty The King,

but is manned and maintained by the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The Royal Standard is flown from the aftermost mast

when the King is on board the Royal Yacht.

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Tnb – Dannebrog – Yate de Estado

Por |noviembre 18th, 2015|


Kongeskibet Dannebrog – A540 – 1932


The Royal Yacht Dannebrog

was named by Queen Alexandrine in Copenhagen in 1931

and hoisted its flag for the first time on 26 May 1932.

Dannebrog now serves as the official and private residence

for The Queen and other members of the Royal Family

when they are on official visits overseas

or on summer cruises in home waters.


The Royal Yacht also takes part in surveillance

and sea rescue operations when at sea.

Dannebrog was built in 1931-1932

at the Naval Dockyard in Copenhagen

as a replacement for the previous royal vessel,

the paddle steamer Dannebrog from 1879.

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