T – Transporte en la Luna

Garvan Laing – Marstren – «The Next Train to – – – «

Por |agosto 22nd, 2016|

Lunar monorail car leaves the moon colony airlocks
bound for an outlying observatory or mine.

Art by R A. Smith. Image © the British Interplanetary Society.

So, whereabouts are you?
And what will the train look like?
What sort of track will it run on?
How fast will it travel?
How big will it be?
Here, in a flight of fancy,


Garvan Laing – Marstren – «El próximo tren a…»

Por |agosto 22nd, 2016|

El monorraíl lunar sale
de las esclusas de la colonia lunar
hacia una mina o un observatorio

Autor : R A. Smith. Imagen ©
the British Interplanetary Society. […]