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Ra – Clarke – El alimento de los dioses – Ambrosia Plus

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Ambrosia Plus

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Rc – Clarke – Expedition – Superiority

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In making this statement -which I do of my own free will- I wish first to make it perfectly clear that I am not in any way trying to gain sympathy, nor do I expect any mitigation of whatever sentence the Court may pronounce. I am writing this in an attempt to refute some of the lying reports broadcast over the prison radio and published in the papers I have been allowed to see. These have given an entirely false picture of the true cause of our defeat, and as the leader of my race’s armed forces at the cessation of hostilities I feel it my duty to protest against such libels upon those who served under me.

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Jl – Relato – Relatos que me gustan

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Bertram Chandler

The Cage


Arthur C. Clarke

The Food of the Gods




Philip K. Dick

Beyond Lies the Wub


Stanley Ellin

La especialidad de la casa – The Speciality of the House


Gabriel García Márquez

Blacamán el bueno vendedor de milagros


George R. R. Martin

Sandkings – Los reyes de la arena