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Will Van Dorp – Tugster – Empire Line @#$!!

Por |febrero 6th, 2021|


February 3, 2021


Empire Line . . .

is that a rail service?

A fashion design?

You’ve seen Erie Canal posts

on this blog many, many times. […]

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Por |enero 24th, 2021|



was incorporated in 1998

in the State of Delaware

in order to establish CAF’s

North American operations

on a permanent basis. […]

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Por |febrero 9th, 2020|

Hacker Boat Company

Headquarters & Showroom

8 Delaware Ave.

Silver Bay

NY 12874 USA

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Tp – Metropolitan Transportation Authority – MTA – New York

Por |mayo 18th, 2017|

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Mm – Iroquois Indian Museum

Por |septiembre 16th, 2016|

Iroquois Indian Museum

dedicated to teaching about Iroquois


Native American culture through

archeology, history and contemporary art exhibits.


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The Erie Canal Museum

Por |junio 5th, 2015|


In 2015 we opened The Erie Canal Made New York,

a new permanent exhibit that includes interactive displays,

narrative audio tracks and original artifacts.

The exhibit explains why and by whom the Erie Canal was conceived,

the technology used in its construction, Canal-inspired inventions,

and the waterway’s role in our country’s social and economic development.

A display of the 1825 Wedding of the Waters ceremonial Canal opening,

complete with fireworks sound effects,

leads visitors to the 1850 Syracuse Weighlock Building,

the Museum’s most important artifact.

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