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Tfcuk – Lynton & Barnstaple Railway – L&B – History

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History of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway 


Exmoor has always been a wild and remote area

and horse drawn travel was the only way

visitors could reach North Devon’s

attractive coastal towns and villages in the 1890’s. […]

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B – Arthur C. Clarke / Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE

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16 de diciembre de 1917, Minehead, Inglaterra.

19 de marzo de 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Author, undersea explorer, science populariser and so much more.

He first proposed the communications satellites and promoted space travel.

His science fiction and TV shows have sparked the imagination of millions worldwide.




B – Arthur C. Clarke – Página en el site antiguo

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Minehead, Somerset, 16-12-1917 /

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 18-03-2008

Arthur C. Clarke ha ejercido

una influencia grandísima sobre mis ideas. […]