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Juan Manuel Grijalvo  –  High-speed railways and «standard» gauge

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Great Western Railway – «Dragon» at Taunton – 1892

The Broad Gauge Society

14  August  2011

The feet, inches and miles mentioned in this article
are those of the English system of measures,
also known as «Imperial.»

Please bear in mind that all the countries in the world
-and very many cities- had their own sets of measures…
until that not-so-very-general metrication. […]

Juan Manuel Grijalvo  –  Links about the Myth of the «Standard» Gauge

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 Alta velocidad ferroviaria y ancho «estándar»  –  Spanish original

English translation  –  High-speed railways and «standard» gauge […]

Some English here…

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Kyle – Ibiza – Formentera bridge approved

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April 1, 2015

The government of Ibiza and Formentera Council have approved proposals to construct a bridge between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. […]