February 16, 2022


Along the beaches of  Cornwall,

England’s southwestern peninsula,

locals and tourists alike have been finding

more than just seashells along the seashore.

Colorful ocean-themed  Legos 

of octopuses with twisting tentacles,

miscellaneous scuba gear, boxy whales,

and other plastic pieces have been

washing ashore for the last 25 years

—a grim reminder

of the lasting impacts

of plastic pollution.

On February 13, 1997,

about five million Legos

were lost at sea when a rogue wave

tipped a massive cargo ship dubbed the  Tokio Express.

Ironically, many of the kits were sea creature themed.

The event, known as  the Great Lego Spill,

is the worst toy-related environmental disaster of all time,

and beachcombers still uncover

the shipwrecked plastic treasures today,

reports Mindy Weisberger for Live Science.