Kipling  wrote

some fairly long books

that are not novels

in the usual sense of the word.

Rather, they are collected stories.

Even if there is a common «leitmotiv»

the several parts may be read as «standalone» tales.

«Puck of Pook’s Hill» and «Rewards and Fairies»

are composed precisely in this way.

So «Rewards» is not a «sequel» to «Puck»,

but just another batch of similar tales

set in no particular order.

As far as I can see:

the chronology is uncertain.

The main characters are Dan and Una.

They are brother and sister,

and their role in the books is

to listen to several speeches about Britain’s History,

told in first person by several adult storytellers

who have -somehow- seen the events they report,

since Pagan times to the 19th century.

They live near Pevensey, in Sussex.