After over 20 years in the brewing industry

in some form or another, Andy Wilson

decided that it was time he opened his own brewery.

Together with some good friends,

who had just as much history in the trade as Andy,

they started to plan how and where to open a brewery.

Work began

on White Horse Brewery

in the summer of 2004,

on a site in Stanford-in-the-Vale,

in the Vale of the White Horse.

He wanted to be

as close as possible

to the White Horse Hill,

so this was clearly the best place.

After three months of hard work,

they were ready to start brewing.

The first brew took place in October 2004.

The first beers to be brewed were

White Horse Bitter,

Village Idiot and

Wayland Smithy,

which are so popular today

that they are still brewed.