NATO leaders

will convene in

Vilnius, Lithuania,

only a few hundred miles away

from the battlefield

of the war in Ukraine,

which has already claimed

hundreds of thousands of lives.

There will be no shortage of denunciations of Russian brutality.

No doubt, the Lithuanian government, in particular, will be thanked

for its efforts in spearheading the NATO war or,

as the obedient lackeys in the media call it,

the fight to defend “democracy.”

Joe Biden, who just approved the delivery of cluster bombs to Ukraine,

one of the most brutal and criminal weapons of modern-day warfare,

will decry the inhumanity of Vladimir Putin.

Olaf Scholz, whose government is engaged

in the largest rearmament since Hitler

and is about to station 4,000 German troops in Lithuania,

will return to the scene of some

of the worst crimes of German imperialism,

spouting well-prepared war propaganda.

What will not be spoken about is

the history of the city they are meeting at: Vilnius,

once known as the “Jerusalem of Europe,”

was the site of some of the largest and most barbaric massacres

in the history of the Nazi-led destruction of European Jewry.

With 95 percent of its prewar Jewish population of about 210,000 murdered,

Lithuania recorded a higher death rate than almost any other country in Europe.

Lithuanian nationalists were among the principal perpetrators of this historic crime.