Juan Manuel Grijalvo (Spain):

I have been a subscriber of «Beyond Bree» for some years. I liked it from the very first issue I got [Dec’85]. I liked it so much that I started a correspondence with Nancy Martsch in order to publish «Halifirien», a Spanish fanzine whose core was to be a running series of translated BB articles.

I do not remember when did I learn that she was married to Ron Siskind. She had not taken her husband’s name, as is customary in the US.

Then I got married myself, and had to «freeze» quite a few of my endeavours. «Halifirien» was one of those, but I never forgot it: I received a fresh reminder every month, when a new issue of BB reached my mailbox. All these years, I have always been very aware of Nancy’s incredible energy and perseverance. Nancy says that I am loyal. Not really: I have kept supporting BB just because it has always been well worth supporting. There is no merit in that.

Nancy says that «[Ron] also tolerated my publishing ‘Beyond Bree’ for 41 years!» [Nov’22] It is said that there is a great woman «behind» every great man. I guess Ron also gave at least some active encouragement: he was the great man beside Nancy.

[Ron’s obituary is translated into Spanish]: