The Grayzone

has obtained some documents/emails

that indicate that the British intelligence (MI6)

planned to blow up Crimea’s Kerch Bridge.

An April 2022 presentation obtained by Grayzone that indicates that senior British intelligence officers’ plan to annihilate Kerch bridge that also included specially trained Ukrainian soldiers. Note that 6 months after the plan was hatched, the Kerch bridge was attacked on 8th October in an apparent suicide bombing commanded by Ukraine’s SBU.

This plan was a brainchild of and drafted by Chris Donnelly, a senior British Army intelligence and a retired NATO advisor. His plan’s pivotal point was the destruction of the bridge over the Kerch Strait that connects Russian Crimea with the mainland Russia.

The Grayzone received documents/emails from anonymous source.

It is of interest to note that there were some differences in the way the bridge was blown up and the plan that was initiated 6 months back. However, Britain’s interest in planning such attack clearly indicates the involvement of NATO in the Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. The British military intelligence agents were busy drawing up plans to destroy a major Russian bridge used by thousands of civilians daily while that also, at the same time, sabotaged the peace talk between Kiev and Moscow.

The blueprint was made by Hugh Ward, a British military veteran. The main points outlined were to degrade Russia’s ability to blockade Kiev, disintegrate Moscow’s warfighting capability, and isolate Russian’s mainland and maritime forces in Crimea by stopping resupply by sea and overland through Kerch bridge.

In an email accessed by the Grayzone, Ward asks Donnelly to protect the document (blueprint) for obvious reasons.

The content of the email amounts to direct advocacy for the commission constituting a grave war crime. While plotting to destroy the bridge, they didn’t mention anything about avoiding civilian casualties.

Ward is of the opinion that to destroy the bridge, they would need a battery of cruise missile to hit two pillars of concrete on both sides of the steel arch, thereby causing complete structural failure, thus stopping the re-supply from Russia mainland to Crimea, and disable, albeit temporary, the shipping lanes.

Another plan entails a battery of attack divers of UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) equipped with mines and cutting charges targeting key weaknesses and/or design flaw in the bridge pillars.

Ward pinpoints a particular area in which the dept of the water around pillars was mere 10 meters, thus making it an easy target at the weakest part of the structure.

Reached by phone by Grayzone journalist, Hugh Ward did not deny that he had prepared the Kerch Bridge destruction blueprint for Chris Donnelly.  “I’m going to have a chat with Chris [Donnelly] and confirm with him what he’s prepared for me to release,” Ward told The Grayzone, when asked directly if he drafted the “audacious” plan.


A suicide attack on a $4 billion transportation bridge

The early morning on October 8th, 2022, a suicide attack damaged the Kerch bridge. A truck exploded, setting two oil tankers ablaze that caused two bridge spans of the roadway to collapse into the sea, and killing three people.

While the bridge was quickly repaired, and traffic resumed the next day, it was a celebration for Western media as failure of Russia in the special military operation in Ukraine. Some journalist openly cheered and joked at the war crime that claimed civilian lives.

The Kerch bridge was constructed at the cost of $4 billion, whose opening signified a major public relation victory for Moscow, cementing Moscow’s control of the majority Russian-speaking territory.

In addition, Ukrainian media has reported, through anonymous source in the law enforcement agencies, that the attack was carried by the security service of Ukraine (SBU).