Успех Каждому – Uspeh Kazhdomu



A photograph

of the autumn landscape

overlooking Kambarskaya street

will be published in the magazine

of the publishing house



This picture was taken from the balcony

of a new building on Ilfat Zakirov Street

by 38-year-old Deepesh Soni from Mumbai.



Deepesh Soni, 38.

Hometown: Mumbai, India.

Education: MA in Biotechnology and Cellular Biology.

Fluent in eight languages of the world:

Hindi, English, Russian, 4 Indian dialects, Udmurt.

Employment: vice president of COE Global.

Hobbies: photography.



Biotechnologist Deepesh Soni

came to Izhevsk in 2015 to study

at the Udmurt State University.

Then he met Dasha from Izhevsk,

they got married and soon became parents.

Of course, when the young man’s studies ended,

the family decided to stay in Izhevsk.




became interested in photography back in India.

His passion is trains and the railway.

He took many such photographs, and one day

they got into the Indian Railways’ magazine,

and later Deepesh’s best works were presented

at an exhibition in Mumbai.

In Izhevsk, the Indian continued to take pictures.

He is absolutely fascinated

by trams and trolleybuses

and now photographs them the most.

The foreigner is also impressed by our nature.

He puts up photos of birds, animals and plants of Udmurtia

for sale on the German site EyeEM.



Deepesh Soni is a member of many professional communities.

And so, in early October last year, he took a picture from his balcony

and posted it to a group of Australian photographers.

He uploaded the photo to the «View from my window» folder,

and many people liked it. Visitors liked and commented.



It is cold (even in summer,

now in Mumbai it is +45°C),

very quiet and very few people.

In Izhevsk there is a community of Hare Krishnas.

There are a lot of Indian words in Russian:

sofa, door, brother, sister, sugar and others.

Deepesh counted about 200 words,

sounding the same and having the same meaning.


This year I received a letter from Japan in the mail.

A well-known publishing house asked my permission to publish the photo.

Of course, I was all for it. Now the magazine is preparing for its autumn issue.

According to Deepesh,

it will include photographs of autumn from different parts of the Earth,

copies of it will be distributed throughout the countries,

thousands of different readers from all over the planet will learn

about the existence of a beautiful place called Izhevsk on the world map.

By the way, until the end of August,


the National Library of Udmurtia (hall on the second floor)

hosts an exhibition of Deepesh Soni’s works

made both in India and in Izhevsk.

Free admission.