by the United States and its NATO allies

in Ukraine’s civil struggle

has exacerbated the crisis within Ukraine,

undermined the possibility of bringing

the two easternmost provinces

back under Kyiv’s control,

and raised the specter of possible conflict

between nuclear armed powers.


in denying that Russia

has a “right” to oppose extension

of a hostile military alliance

to its national borders,

the United States ignores its own history

of declaring and enforcing for two centuries

a sphere of influence in the Western hemisphere.

The fact is, Ukraine

is a state but not yet a nation.

In the thirty years of its independence,

it has not yet found

a leader who can unite its citizens

in a shared concept of Ukrainian identity.

Yes, Russia has interfered,

but it is not Russian interference

that created Ukrainian disunity

but rather the haphazard way

the country was assembled

from parts that were

not always mutually compatible.