«Heart shall be bolder, harder be purpose,

more proud the spirit as our power lessens!»



determination and perseverance.



Anke Eissmann

Elwing at the Shores of Aman – April

Nerdanel – Last Page

Christine Lowentrout

Éowyn andn Théoden – October

Donato Giancola

The Walls of Moria – June

Emily Austin

Yavanna – Back Cover


Gandalf versus the Balrog – January

George Dunn

Attack on the Goblin Mines – January

«Thief!» – November

Gonzalo Díez García – Chapu

Éowyn vs the Witch-king – October

Gordon Palmer

Bill’s Return to Bree – December

Ship – April

The Stone of Erech – June

Three Months Later – December

Jef Murray

Beren and Lúthien – July

Thranduil – August

Kay Woollard

Frodo – March

Nancy Martsch

Bilbo finds Thorin in the dungeon of the Elvenking – November

Octo Kwan

Beren and Lúthien – July

Ruth Lacon

Old Grey Mare and Chrysophylax – Front Cover & May

Vignette – May

Soni Alcorn-Hender

Aragorn Hunts Gollum – February

Glorfindel at the Mitheithel Bridge – September

Vignette – February

Vignette – September

Ted Nasmith

The Fellowship at Moria – March

Wenjin Lu

A Thief inn the Night – August


Calendar Editor:

Jeremy Edmonds


The calendar is 11 x 8½»,

opening up to 11 x 17″,

with art above,

calendar below.

It has real-world

and Middle-earth