June 3rd, 2013


Because I’ve read a lot and thought a lot

about Tolkien and his invented world,

and I’ve engaged in a lot of debates

about the quality and accuracy of the movies,

I feel entitled to say things like,

“Well, there are parts he would have loved

and parts he would have hated.”

But that’s not Tolkien talking.

That’s me.

The author died long before

The Fellowship of the Ring 

was released in 2001,

so I’ll never know

how he might have reacted

to the Jackson films,

and neither will anyone else.

The nearest we can come to Tolkien’s assessment

might be that of his son, Christopher Tolkien,

who did not give the Jackson movies a positive review.

“They eviscerated the book by making it

an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25,”

Christopher told the French newspaper Le Monde

in July 2012.



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