Hi viewers!

I am Sumanth Bhat,

born and brought up

in Udupi, Karnataka.

I am a railbuff/railfan from India and I had a strong liking towards trains and locomotives from my childhood. Also, I am an amateur photographer and videographer with a penchant for taking photographs and videos of trains. During my free time, most of the times I travel, take photos and videos of trains, record locomotive sounds etc and upload it in various forums and websites. Trainspotting/Railfanning videos which I take, I will be uploading here in my YouTube channel and If you want to see my photos, you can follow me on Flickr. Also, Occasionally, I shoot nature, animals, festivals and other things in and around me which I will be uploading in same YouTube channel and Flickr account. If you like my contents, pictures and videos, Do subscribe my YouTube channel and follow me on Flickr.

Cheers 馃檪