(for four persons)

– 300 gr tuna (canned)
– 1 package of butter puff pastry
– 125 gr flour
– 1 package of butter (250 gr)
– 125 ml cream
– 4 eggs
– 1 tin of mixed peas and carrots (680 gr)
– 1 spring onion
– 2 shallots
– 1 clove of garlic
– 2 celery sprigs
– 4 tablespoons flat leaf parsley
– 2 gherkins
– 4 tablespoons capers
– 1 lemon
– Salt and pepper

– Baking tin or baking dish – appr. 18×28 cm or 22×22 cm
– Rolling pin
– Mixing bowl
– Star cutter



– Preheat the oven to 180 C.
– Hard boil 2 eggs for 8 minutes and cut them into slices.
– Grate the zest of the lemon and squeeze the lemon.
– Butter the baking tin or baking dish.
– Sprinkle a little flour on the work surface.
– Place 4 sheets of puff pastry on top of each other on the work surface and roll them out
– – so that the bottom and sides of the baking tin or baking dish are filled and the dough lies over the edge.
– Place 3 sheets of puff pastry on top of each other and roll them out as a cover for the pie.
– Punch 5 stars out a sheet of puff pastry.
– Fry the chopped shallot, garlic and celery.
– Add the tuna and let it simmer for a few minutes.
– Mix the peas, capers, chopped carrots, chopped gherkins, sliced spring onions, chopped parsley,
– – lemon zest and 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice in a bowl.
– Add the tuna mixture and stir everything.
– Beat 1 egg with the cream and add this to the pie filling.
– Add salt and pepper to taste.
– Divide 1 boiled egg in slices over the dough base.
– Divide half of the pie filling over this layer.
– Then again a layer of 1 boiled egg in slices.
– And finally the remainder of the pie filling.
– Put the cover of puff pastry on top of the pie and close it all around with the edges of dough.
– Beat 1 egg and spread this on the top of the pie.
– Divide 4 stars of puff pastry along the edges on the cover.
– Put 1 star in the middle.
– Pierce a hole in the 5 stars with for example a knitting needle.
– Place a few pieces of butter on the sides of the baking tin or baking dish.
– Bake the pie in the middle of the preheated oven for about 60 minutes.
– For the last 20-30 minutes, place aluminum foil over the pie if it gets too dark.