I had something different

planned for today, but one

does not plan the news.

Since I’m map-oriented,

I’m sharing

what I found on the “maps”

of the Ever Given story,

the 20,000 teu+ container ship

acting as a cork in a bottleneck.

Below is the context for the story.

If you’re not that familiar

with the bigger context,

grab a map

showing the SE corner

of the Mediterranean Sea.

On the map below, notice

Alexandria, Cairo, and Tel Aviv.

Aqaba is lower right.

Color code is as follows:

red = tankers,

green = freighters,

aqua = tugboats.

Also note the absence of traffic

for a portion of the canal (that line)

going southward from Port Said.

Normally there’d be

red, green, or aqua icons there.