was incorporated in 1998

in the State of Delaware

in order to establish CAF’s

North American operations

on a permanent basis.


quickly solidified its position

in the United States transit market

by securing three significant orders


Sacramento RTD

and Pittsburgh PAAC),


a state of the art

manufacturing facility

in upstate NY

and successfully developing a structure

that allows seamless transfer

of information, engineering and R&D resources

from the parent company, CAF S.A.

to the domestic level.

CAF USA is a fully owned subsidiary of CAF S.A.

and is fully integrated within the CAF Group.

Its organizational structure is configured

to maximize the efficiency

of the decision making process

and facilitate flexibility

in areas such as resource allocation.

CAF USA began manufacturing carshells

at the facility in Elmira, NY

as a strategic decision

to increase domestic manufacturing,

create additional United States jobs

and consolidate its presence in the US rail market.

Domestic carshell manufacturing

also reduces transportation costs and time

and allows CAF USA maximum competitiveness.

With additional contracts including

Amtrak, Houston, Cincinnati and Kansas City,

CAF USA has established itself as a leader

in the US rail transportation market

in the design, manufacture and maintenance

of all types of railcars including

LRVs, metros, streetcars and long distance trains.