Talgo is the name of a unique type of passenger train set

manufactured by a Spanish company of the same name.

The name Talgo comes from the words light articulated

train combined with the last names

of the two founders of the company,

Alejandro Goicoechea and José Luis Oriol.

In the Pacific Northwest, Talgo trains have been used

for intercity passenger rail service since the 1990s.

In this video, we will learn briefly

about the history of these trains in Amtrak service

and then we will see several of them in operation

on Amtrak Cascades Trains.

Both the Series 6 and Series 8 sets are featured in this video

and we will visit a variety of different locations

along the rail corridor all the way from Oregon’s Willamette Valley

to the US-Canadian border at Blaine, Washington.


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