Tall Ship Time Machine Exhibit ~ Now Open!

Kalmar Nyckel’s Copeland Maritime Center,

1124 East 7th Street, Wilmington, DE 19801


Discover the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation’s

new 3D animated exhibit

and take a fantastical voyage back in time to 1638

to compare today’s KALMAR NYCKEL

to the original colonial ship.

Tall Ship Time Machine gives students and visitors an “inside look” at the differences and similarities between our modern-day replica and the original Kalmar Nyckel as she was configured on her first colonial voyage for Sweden. Through the magic of 3D animation, our two captains – Captain Lauren and Captain Sharon – sail today’s ship on an imaginary voyage, removing the ship’s many modern “systems” (engines; electricity; plumbing; fire-suppression and safety gear; navigation equipment) while “restoring” its condition to that of the original.

Tall Ship Time Machine is a new permanent exhibit created for KNF’s Copeland Maritime Center. The exhibit features a short 3D animated video, which will also be used remotely in classrooms in Delaware and dockside with our ship.

Special thanks to Glass Entertainment Group and Sleepy Oak Productions for 3D graphics, animation, and design.

This exhibit was made possible by a National Maritime Heritage Program Grant and generous matching gifts.