The second prototype (G-AGVB)


The Bristol 170 (Bristol Freighter)

was one of the first

new commercial aircraft

to be flown in Britain

after the end of the Second World War

and the prototype (G-AGPV)

flew for the first time

on 2nd December 1945.

Designed originally

for military use

in the Far East campaign

of the Second World War,

the end of hostilities saw the type

become a rugged and capacious transport

for both civil and military use.

Its instantly recognisable shape

is distinguished by its ‘boxy’ fuselage

and rounded nose doors,

providing access directly into the cargo bay.

A second prototype (G-AGVB)

flew on 30th April 1946

and became know as the Wayfarer,

carrying out route proving flights

to the Channel Islands

to which it carried

over 10,000 passengers

in under 6 months.