Welcome to

The Green Dragon!

714 F West Main St,


Tennessee 37129


We are a family brewpub serving great craft beer

and delicious hearty sandwiches and soups.

Our place is very small, with seating for about 30-35 people.

Our concept was born from my desire to have a place

where our community could come together

to share current events and wind down after work.

We are not a sports bar or really a typical bar at all.

The Green Dragon in Tolkien’s Bywater near Hobbiton was

a place where the little folk could relax after their daily «labors».

Our pub is set as an homage to the literary works of Tolkien,

whose works I’ve enjoyed throughout my life.

Children are always welcome in our pub and have their own hobbit bar.

We have a corner built for the kids too, and darts to play for adults.

I’ve been a homebrewer for 20 years

and always wanted to serve «the best brown ale in the Shire».

We have this on tap at the pub on a regular basis.