This afternoon I went to an old haunt of Long-eared Owls.  It was completely overgrown and there was no sign of any birds apart from Redwings and Blackbirds.  On a drive around Stone Creek a Short-eared Owl was flying along the  rough grass on the roadside.  A couple of years ago the same field was replete with at least 5 Short-eared Owls and 3 Hen Harriers.  This was because the field had being allowed to go fallow in preparation for it to be part of the next flood protection scheme.  

There must have been some change to these plans because now the burgeoning scrub has been removed and now there is a new winter crop inn the field.  This means the Owls and raptors only have the field margins in which to hunt.  They certainly won’t be as concentrated in one field as they were two years ago, but with patience they can be spotted somewhere in the Sunk Island area.  At one time today’s bird  flew in front of a brilliant Rainbow.  Of course there was no possibility of snatching a photo with a rainbow in the same photo.  Shortly afterwards it landed on a pile of dead grass along the side of a dyke.  It stayed there several seconds before it carried on hunting.