Ópal – Schooner


History of North Sailing

1994 – North Sailing was founded
Two brothers Árni and Hörður bought the first oak boat Knörrinn and North Sailing was founded.

1995 – Knörrinn started going on tours
After renovation, Knörrinn started regular whale- and nature watching in Skjálfandi Bay.

1996 – Haukur joined the fleet
Due to increased demand, North Sailing purchases a boat named Haukur intended for whale watching in Skjálfandi Bay.

1998 – Gamli Baukur was built and Náttfari arrived
The third boat, Náttfari, was bought and the restaurant Gamli Baukur was built.
At the time Gamli Baukur housed North Sailing’s headquarters and the company’s new ticket office.

2001 – Haukur transformed into a schooner
A dream came true.
Haukur was transformed into a two mast schooner and a new product developed
that combined whale- and puffin watching as well as sailing on a traditional schooner.

2002 – North Sailing buys Bjössi Sör
Bjössi Sör, the fourth boat in the North Sailing fleet, began serving its new purpose as a whale watching boat.
Previously, it had been used for both fishing and whaling.

2006 – Two major changes took place
North Sailing´s head office, Svartibakki, was built behind restaurant Gamli Baukur, which was a great improvement for the company.
The same year North Sailing bought an old house in Húsavík, rebuilt it and opened Café Skuld.
Café Skuld turned out to be one of the most popular places to visit in Húsavík during the summertime.

2009 – Garðar and Hildur ready for Whale watching
Two more boats were being rebuilt for the purpose of whale watching.
Garðar, the biggest ship so far, was rebuilt in Húsavík and Hildur was transformed into a two mast schooner in Egernsund, Denmark.

2011 – First trip to Greenland
Schooner Hildur went on the first trip to magical Scoresby Sund in northeast Greenland.

2013 – Opal arrives in Húsavík
Nort Sailing expands the fleet even further as the elegant and seaworthy two mast schooner Opal arrives in Húsavík.

2014 – New ticket office
Opened new ticket office by Húsavík harbor, located on the top floor of the new Whale Watching Centre.
The ticket office counter is made out of a bow of an old Icelandic oak boat which gives it an extraordinary and beautiful appearance.
As a replacement for Café Skuld, North Sailing opened Hvalbakur Café and where other pieces of the old Icelandic oak boat had been given a new purpose.

2015 – Donna Wood added to the fleet
North Sailing bought the beautiful two mast oak ship Donna Wood built in 1918.
Representing Danish shipbuilding tradition at its very best Donna Wood was originally built as a lighthouse ship
but in 1990 the ship underwent massive restoration and was equipped with rigging and sails.

2016 – Sæborg and Andvari on sea and first trip in Norway
Two new boats were added to the fleet, Sæborg and Andvari. Andvari is the second silent electric boat of the family along with Opal.
The first “Ski to the Sea” trip in Norway came true, offering costumers the opportunity to explore the peaks, valleys and fjords of the Hidden Land.
Knörrinn, the company’s most experienced boat headed for new adventures in Eyjafjörður where it now operates whale watching tours from Hjalteyri.

2017 – Fjaran and new information center opened
The restaurant Fjaran and a new information center and 66° North store were opened by the harbour.