Let me add another perspective

without repeating what everyone else has already said:

When I started teaching 31 years ago, I was able to park my car on the street

and walk across a small field to get to my classroom.

Then they erected an eight-foot fence around the entire school for security.

Okay, understandable.

I used to be able to look out my window and see the mountains, but a few years after they installed the fence, they put bars on the windows, again for security. Understandable, but disappointing. And again I didn’t say a word.

And now they want to arm me, and this is where I draw the line. Arming teachers is wrong on so many accounts, but truly is it first an admission of defeat. The powers-that-be have been so derelict in protecting us from the gun culture in America that their only answer is more guns. Unacceptable.

Second, it is a means to distract us and allow them to continue to sit on their hands and do little or nothing to enact reasonable gun control.

Third, as all the other answers have shown, it is utterly ridiculous to add this to the job. Schools have become the lazy means for the government to avoid dealing with the social ills of our culture.

And what’s next? Are they going to give me a class set of kevlar vests for my students and me in case of attack? I teach high school seniors, so why not arm them too? We have a state prison right down the road from my school so why not make the schools look just like the prisons? No one ever gets in there with a gun.

This is the time for us to make a stand.

We will not “solve” this problem by carrying guns.