Hillary was a flawed candidate

in terms of negative baggage

—the Clintons are despised

by the Right in this country

to a degree that defies

adequate description.

Most Republicans actually think she has had several people MURDERED over the years.

Had she won, her Presidency would have been a horror show—constant attempts to impeach, further endless investigations of Benghazi and her emails, and the Republicans in Congress would have ensured that she would find it extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to enact any programs she favored.

There were noises before the election that if she were elected President, the Republicans would have refused to confirm any Supreme Court nominee of hers.

It’s gotten just that bad in this country.

It is INSANE here.

Nonetheless, she would have been infinitely better than Trump.

She would have worked to improve Obamacare, not repeal it.

We wouldn’t be having the upsurge in white nationalism, hate crimes, KKK and Nazi bullshit that Trump has actively encouraged.

She would have been meticulously Presidential, just as Trump is basically shitting all over the dignity of the Presidency every day.

We would not be terrified that a half-senile man-baby narcissist had the nuclear launch codes and might start WWIII in a fit of childish pique.

We would not have rampant nepotism in the White House.

We would not have attempts to govern by Tweet.

We would not be worrying about the President waging war against the Press and declaring them “the enemy of the people”.

The United States would not be relinquishing its status as Leader of the Free World.

And we finally would have had a WOMAN in the Oval Office, which is long overdue.

It grieves me, having turned 60 last December, that I’ll probably be living with the horrible setbacks brought on by the Trump Presidency for the rest of my life.