Georges Prosper Remi (1907-1983),

known by the pen name Hergé,

was a Belgian cartoonist

who became famous for creating «Tintin».

His first Tintin adventures were published

in the conservative Catholic newspaper «Le Petit Vingtième»

whose editor-in-chief was Norbert Wallez (1882-1952),

a great admirer of Mussolini

whose signed portrait he had on his office wall,

supporter of the far-right Catholic, nationalist political Rexist Party,

a man who was sentenced to four years prison

for having collaborated with Germany (via),

and who had advised Hergé to create

«The Adventures of Tintin» (via).

Later, Hergé regretted his early work

that was very much influenced

by his editor-in-chief’s nationalist and racist attitudes.