«…the Navy knew there were submarines in the area but never told McVay and sent the ship to sea unescorted …

Worse, the Navy failed to notice that the cruiser had never arrived at port, while hundreds died at sea.»

Excerpt from May 3, 1998, article entitled «A Boy’s School Project Aims to Revise History» in The New York Times


The Worst Naval Disaster in US History

At 12:14 a.m. on July 30, 1945,

the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea and sank in 12 minutes.

Of 1,196 men on board, approximately 300 went down with the ship.

The remainder, about 900 men, were left floating in shark-infested waters with no lifeboats and most with no food or water.

The ship was never missed, and by the time the survivors were spotted by accident four days later only 316 men were still alive.