Over the years,

we have visited Tolkien’s

British publishers

in their variety of establishments.

Christina used to watch the windows

of George Allen & Unwin’s

London headquarters

at Ruskin House, 40 Museum Street,

for the occasional Tolkien display,

and to step into the reception area now and then

to pick up catalogues.

She penetrated further in 1987 when Rayner Unwin allowed her to photograph covers and artwork of translations of The Hobbit for a talk at the Tolkien Society seminar celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of The Hobbit’s publication. Because there was not much room, she had to rest the books on a high windowsill to get enough light, and to stand on steps to shoot from above. She later expanded beyond The Hobbit to other titles, at Museum Street and then mainly in forming her extensive library of Tolkien in translation.