Charles E. Noad,

a retired computer programmer,

is a proofreader and writer.

He has proofread

The History of Middle-earth series

and John D. Rateliff’s

The History of The Hobbit.




Amon Hen



On the Construction of ‘The Silmarillion’


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Halifirien Dos

Mi punto de vista sobre el epessë en general

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Beyond Bree

1987 – September

“The Tolkien Society’s Second Tolkien Workshop” Pt I

1987 – October

“The Tolkien Society’s Second Tolkien Workshop” Pt II

1988 – April

“Unions Among the Races of Middle-earth”



The Trees, the Jewels and the Rings:

A Discursive Enquiry into Things Little Known on Middle-earth.

The Tolkien Society, 1977


With Christina Scull and John Rateliff

Tolkien Portraiture



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Charles Noad is a retired computer programmer and sometime proofreader.

He read «The Lord of the Rings» in 1961 and has more or less stuck with it since.

There isn’t really terribly much beyond that to say, really,

and I doubt if the Plaza’s good readers would want a detailed life of Noad in any case.




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S. Gary Hunnewell

Special thanks should also go to Nicholas Widdows who provided me with information to straighten out publication dates and number of the Fellowship of Middle Earth’s publications and to Charles Noad, whose A Chronology of Events relating to the Tolkien Society is invaluable for dating old British Tolkien fanzines.

11 June 1988


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