Here at CrossCountry – XC

we like to keep quiet about our achievements

and as a responsible business we prefer

to focus on the things that matter the most to you,

our passengers, our employees

and the amazing communities we serve.

We believe that actions speak louder than words.

Being Great Britain’s largest operator

brings great responsibility.

We passionately believe that

the prosperity of business and society are intrinsically linked,

and therefore one cannot succeed without the other.

So here at XC – Hub, we look forward to welcoming you

to join our responsible business journey.

But don’t expect any fanfares, no publicity stunts, no irritating tweets…

just a quiet responsible approach to delivering great journeys,

supporting great causes across Great Britain….

What else would you expect from a responsible train company?

So if you didn’t realise CrossCountry was a train company,

you would never have known that

– We connect seven of Britain’s ten largest cities

and deliver 295 services every weekday,

equating to some 38 million passenger journeys a year.

– We cross more of the country than any other train company,

providing train services in all three countries of Britain

– Seven routes radiating from Birmingham

– A network reaching from Scotland to the West Country,

Stanstead to Cardiff and Manchester to Bournemouth.