OTS – the Overhead Train System:

A new, innovative design for transportation

providing unique solutions to the main stumbling blocks

and limitations in current infrastructure systems.

With OTS, the global citizen obtains access to a unique, comfortable, reliable and on-demand transportation experience.



This is particularly true for congested areas and for regions with geographically demanding environments

like wetlands, deserts, waterways and otherwise difficult terrain conditions.

An OTS-track with its elevated, individually powered transportation cabins answers to pressing demands with respect to:

Limitation in Space – utilization of the third space dimension;
Congestion – no level crossing, On-Demand transport;
The `User Experience` – high-Speed, Reliable & Comfortable;
Safety – inaccessible tracks, patented collision prevention technology;
Environment – low energy consumption per passenger kilometer;
Cost of Ownership – reliable budgeting, competitive with legacy train systems.