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George Stephenson,

the great railway pioneer,

had a close connection with Crich

and the present (2008) tramway

follows part of the mineral railway

he built to link the quarry

with Ambergate.

While building the North Midland Railway from Derby to Rotherham and Leeds,

Stephenson had found rich coal seams in the Clay Cross area and he saw a new business opportunity.

Crich was already well known for the quality of the limestone and Stephenson recognised

that he could use the local coal and limestone to produce burnt lime for agricultural purposes,

and then utilise the new railway to distribute it.

Cliff Quarry, where Crich Tramway Village is now located, was acquired by Stephenson’s company

and to link the quarry with the limekilns he had built alongside the new North Midland Railway at Ambergate,

Stephenson constructed a metre gauge line-

apparently the first metre gauge railway in the world.

Stephenson was born in Wylam in Northumberland in 1781, but he lived the last 10 years of his life in Chesterfield,

often bringing visitors to Crich to see the mineral railway and take refreshment in one of the village inns.

He died in 1848 and is buried in Holy Trinity Church, Chesterfield.

Stephenson’s railway soldiered on for many years.