Whatever the nature of that interview,

it did not improve either King’s or Prout’s ruffled plumes,

for, when they came out of the Head’s house, eyes noted

that the one was red and blue with emotion as to his nose,

and that the other was sweating profusely.

That sight compensated them amply for the Imperial Jaw

with which they were favored by the two.

It seems—and who so astonished as they?—that

they had held back material facts;

were guilty both of suppressio veri and suggestio falsi

(well-known gods against whom they often offended);

further, that they were malignant in their dispositions,

untrustworthy in their characters,

pernicious and revolutionary in their influences,

abandoned to the devils of wilfulness,

pride, and a most intolerable conceit.

Ninthly, and lastly, they were to have a care

and to be very careful.