Cover art by Ian Harding.

Peter Roe Memorial Booklet 4

Travel and Communication in Tolkien’s World

was published in 1996 and contains 58 pages.

Edited by Richard Crawshaw,

it consists of transcripts of 6 talks

presented at the 10th Tolkien Society Seminar

held at The Guildhall, Leicester on 24 June 1995.

A5 format, stapled; issue numbers unknown.

ISBN 0-905520-10-6.


  • The Palantiri – A Study, by Alex Lewis.
  • The Road Goes Ever On – Tolkien’s use of journey motive in constructing The Lord of the Rings, by John Ellison.
  • Who Mends the Roads? – Superstructures without Substructures, by Richard T Allen.
  • First Catch Your Oliphaunt – A Rambling Look at the Natural and Unnatural History of Elephants, by Ruth Lacon.
  • The Geography of the Shire – Reference points for a study of Communications, by Ian Smalley and Sally Bijl.
  • The History and Practice of Communications in the Shire, by Tom Marringer.