For those living and working
in London and the South East
it has become almost impossible
to be unaffected,
either directly or indirectly,
by the trouble-hit GTR franchise.

Understandably there is anger and frustration at what is going on.

The problems on Southern that have led to a controversial emergency timetable being introduced are often portrayed in very simple terms.
At its simplest, it would appear to be a petty dispute over who should shut the doors on the train.
This simply does not stand up to scrutiny, however, as a complete explanation when considering all that is going on.

A dispute about trains involving the guard’s function would not, for example,
explain why there have been substantial service withdrawals in inner London on routes where the trains are driver only operated.
Nor would it explain the numerous daily cancellations into stations like Moorgate (Great Northern) which is entirely served by driver only operated trains.