If you voted out because of «unelected politicians» then well done because we’re about to get an unelected prime minister.

If you voted out because of immigration then well done, because you just lost the right of free movement too. Just wait ‘til you have to get a visa to go to Glasgow or Belfast.

If you voted out because people were «stealing your jobs» then well done, because you’re about to see Germany and France «steal» Nissan and a bunch of other companies who only manufacture here as a gateway to the EU market.

If you voted out because you think we’ll get a great trade deal with the EEA «like Norway did», think again. Take a look around your Sainsbury’s Local and try and find any fruit and veg that’s grown in the UK. We need them more than they need us, and like the EEA, we’ll have to accept EU policies like free movement as part of a trade deal anyway – except now we won’t be able to have any say in them.

If you voted out because of vague scaremongering headlines like «Migrant Crisis» then please, feel free to remind me when it was that Syria joined the EU.

If you voted out because Farage promised £350m for the NHS, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to watch him on This Morning revealing that that was a lie.

If you voted out and you’re heading into retirement, then great job! Because now the working people of this nation will break their backs to afford your pension without the influx of young, economically active and skilled EU migrants.

If you voted out because you think we’ll be better off, the £ has just fallen by 8% against the dollar.

And if you voted out because you love this country, prepare to see it crumble, with threats of a unified Ireland and an independent Scotland just hours after the result was confirmed.

Well done, Britain.