Below the BRIDGE up the TRAIN : Indian Railways



12 April 2016

Enjoy watching some breathtaking visuals of trains
from underneath a Tall Steel span girder bridge.
The trains produce rhythmic beats and thunders as it glides over the metal span.
All the trains here are hauled by Diesel Locomotives ( ALCo’s and EMD’s)
as the Electrification is still under progress.
The speed on the bridge is limited to 60 KPH and much lesser during monsoons.
Span bridges require a lot of maintenance and man power throughout the year
hence Indian Railways are no longer constructing Girder bridges on newly laid lines.
For the want of higher speed and low maintenance bridges
these days are constructed using ballast and cement.

The sound produced by the trains while moving on these legacy bridges
is a Music to the ears of a Train lover.

Enjoy the video.

The Bangalore – Guntakal stretch is presently a Single line Section
and a very important line for North Bound trains connecting to Bangalore
from New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Vijayawada
and many more places.

The line sees a huge freight traffic apart from the regular passenger trains.

Index of Express Trains Captured :

12976 Jaipur – Mysore Super Fast Express.
16339 Cst. Mumbai – Nagercoil Express.
19302 Yesvantpur – Indore Weekly Express.
12628 New Delhi – Bangalore City Karnataka Express.
19567 Tuticorin – Okha Vivek Express.
18463 Bhubaneswar- Bangalore City Prasanti Express.
12252 Korba – Yesvantpur, Wainganga Sf Express.
16569 Yesvantpur – Kacheguda Tri-weekly Express.

Location : Makalidurga, Karnataka.

South Western Railways.


And there is an unexpected bonus: a beautiful Indian green parrot… Most cute!