“Ven Two Minnesootins Meet Oop Nort On da Lake Fichen”

When Two Minnesotans Meet Up North On the Lake Fishing



Hey there

(informal greeting)


Hello, buddy


Been here long?


A couple of hours

“Crieps, cetchenenny?”

Cripes, catching any?

(the exclamation “cripes” is a euphemism for “Christ”; compare “jeez” = “Jesus»)


Yep, got a few

(“yep” informal affirmative interjection; “got” is elision of “I got”, i.e., ‘I acquired, I caught’)


Where they biting?


Over there


Kind are they?

(i.e., ‘(what) kind are they?’)


Walleye and northern

(the walleye is a large perch and the most popular gamefish in Minnesota;

“northern” = “northern pike”, a much less popular gamefish)


Any size to ‘em?

(i.e., “to them”)


Couple of pounds

“Oofda, bittenard?”

Uff da, [are they] biting hard?

(“Uff da” is an untranslatable Minnesotan exclamation borrowed from Norwegian;

it can refer to something bad (“Uff da, I’m only catching small northerns today!”)

or something good (“Uff da, this is the best darn walleye I ever ate!”)


You know how they are

“Vahchaoozin? Dalindyrik?”

What [are] you using? The Lindy Rig?

(The “Lindy Rig” is a hugely popular fishing lure used specifically to catch walleyes)


Oh yes don’t you know


Fishing on the bottom?


Right up near the bottom


How deep are you?


About twenty feet

“Oh, vachadrinkin?”

Oh, what are you drinking?


Had a couple of beers


Well, I gotta go

(“gotta” is informal speech for ‘got to’, i.e., ‘have to’)


Too bad


See you around


Yes take it easy


Good luck


You betcha

(“you betcha” = ‘you bet ya’, ‘you bet you’, informal speech used for

‘okay’, ‘thanks’, ‘you’re welcome’, and probably a lot more)


“Da Ent”

The End