Nombrar el cordaje


Cheyne slapped his leg and chuckled. This was going to be a boy after his own hungry heart. He had never seen precisely that twinkle in Harvey’s eye before.

«And the old man gave me ten and a half a month; he’s paid me half now; and I took hold with Dan and pitched right in. I can’t do a man’s work yet. But I can handle a dory ‘most as well as Dan, and I don’t get rattled in a fog much; and I can take my trick in light winds that’s steering, dear and I can ‘most bait up a trawl, and I know my ropes, of course; and I can pitch fish till the cows come home, and I’m great on old Josephus, and I’ll show you how I can clear coffee with a piece of fish-skin, and I think I’ll have another cup, please. Say, you’ve no notion what a heap of work there is in ten and a half a month!»

«I began with eight and a half, my son,» said Cheyne.

«That so? You never told me, sir.»

«You never asked, Harve. I’ll tell you about it some day, if you care to listen. Try a stuffed olive.»