No law of that country must exceed in words

the number of letters in their alphabet,

which consists only in two-and-twenty.

But indeed few of them extend even to that length.

They are expressed in the most plain and simple terms,

wherein those people are not mercurial enough

to discover above one interpretation;

and to write a comment upon any law

is a capital crime.

As to the decision of civil causes,

or proceedings against criminals,

their precedents are so few,

that they have little reason to boast of

any extraordinary skill in either.


Cuando Gulliver va al país de los gigantes le dicen que

allí «interpretar» las leyes es un crimen gravísimo:

son preceptos simples de no más de 22 letras y

está prohibido buscarles dobles sentidos, trampas, etc.

Aquí, entre las teleseries americanas y

la lectura de las normas que hacen los jueces,

un sistema legal que ya es malo e ineficaz de entrada

acaba por ser sólo papel mojado…