Published 12 July 2015

By Ian Mansfield

Transport News, Underground London

TfL has released a batch of documents that show

almost every underground station in glorious 3D format.

They are technically axonometric diagrams,

which is 3D-like, but not to scale,

which becomes obvious when you see

some of the vertiginous descents

offered on some stairs and escalators.

In total, some 120 stations with underground tunnels

are represented in this motherlode of tube and map geekery.

I’ve removed the redacted black blobs

that are scatted over the originals,

and generally cleaned them up a bit

To make displaying 124 large maps easier,

I have broken them down into 5 pages.

Click on the drawings to enlarge them.

Note, the diagrams are indicative of layouts,

and are not updated with changes (temporary or permanent).