IRFCA – Vikramjeet Maitra – Rare Crossing : Rajdhani Express Over Rajdhani Express..!!


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Never expected this to happen as I always wished to see a Rajdhani Express over Rajdhani Express and it is possible no where in Indian Railways except Bally in HWN-BWN Section where Sealdah Rajdhani passes from the above bridge and Howrah Rajdhani passes under the bridge through the main tracks.

Both head towards Dankuni but due to punctuality of Howrah Rajdhani each and everyday it passes 3-4 mins before from the arrival of Sealdah Rajdhani from this path and it is really impossible to get the both the Rajdhani under one frame until and unless Howrah Rajdhani is 7 Hours late…!!!

Giving a Darshan to its Prime Bhakth, The King slowed down, don’t know what happened, was 4 mins late to Bally to make a perfect combo as we saw a Mid Mounted Headlamped Locomotive Approaching, in the meantime we also heard a Twin Tone honk of a Three Phaser, no doubt we came clear Sealdah Rajdhani is also approaching..!!

Was tough to believe the situation and both the Rajdhani crossing the place at the same time which is extremely rare, quickly I started my Cam and couldn’t miss the shot and finally shooted a video of this historic Moment…!!!

[Info: The Lower Train is 12301 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express and the train at above is 12313 Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express. Both the tracks head towards Dankuni from where both share the same route till New Delhi, And distance from the Above Bally Halt-Dankuni is pretty less than the Bally-Dankuni distance, as Sealdah Rajdhani follows Howrah Rajdhani, but looking at the situation today Sealdah Rajdhani would have reached Dankuni earlier than Howrah Rajdhani. But there is one drawback, as Howrah Rajdhani has a straight connectivity to Dankuni it maintains 125-130 KMPH while crossing Dankuni but Sealdah Rajdhani has to switch over a crossover to come to main track and then to accelerate, might be at that time Howrah Rajdhani might have overtaken Sealdah Rajdhani at Dankuni Outer.]