Q2 #6181 in Bucyrus

You can just feel the ground tremble from the pounding as it goes by

Photo by Bob Lorenz


PRR Fireman, Paul C. Dietz, in his 2001 memoir «Firing On The Pennsy», writes about the Pennsylvania Railroad 4-cylinder rigid-frame Q2 locomotive and a great beast, indeed!

Although today railfans concur that the C & O Allegheny 2-6-6-6, a single-expansion articulated engine, while not as heavy as the UP «Big Boy» 4-8-8-4s was still the most overall «powerful» American steam locomotive ever built to date, the duplex Q2 actually exceeded Allegheny’s drawbar horsepower at 45 mph, producing more horses than the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s H8s!


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